What My Clients Say…


Taking care of my parents estate was such a daunting task in itself, but Lisa took charge of the sale of the house.  What a relief! She was a great help. She explained each step and made sure I knew what to expect next.  Whenever a complication arose, she would either handle it, or call in someone with the expertise to take care of the things that she was not able to.  She knew just who to call to get the repairs done that were needed in the home, and to handle legal matters that arose. Lisa always was in a good mood and was always very helpful.  I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone that is looking for a real estate agent. She and her team will do a great job for you.



I want to thank you for being our agent and searching with us to find the perfect house. You really gave me the support I  needed, tirelessly answered my questions, and were professional, skilled,  and confident. Thank you for helping me, having my back, and being so good at your job. I truly appreciate the time you took with me.

Thank you,


Jordan Geisling:

Lisa Guggino was truly incredible to work with. She made herself available practically 24/7 to ensure that we felt comfortable throughout each step of the house hunt, offer, and closing process. She was always quick to respond, and had a truly encouraging and supportive attitude from our first contact till well after closing.  Lisa goes above and beyond for her clients and I can’t sing her praises enough! I would highly recommend her! She was on top of creating a list of a variety of houses for us to view, each meeting our very specific requirements, and she really worked with our schedule so we had every opportunity to really find the perfect house for us.  The house buying process (especially as a 1st time buyer) is stressful enough, but when you have someone on your side making sure you know and thoroughly understand all of your options and steps, it really isn’t so bad. If you’re looking for a Real Estate Agent in Albuquerque, Lisa is it!